Access Framework

It is common to come across challenges in managing SAP access. How can you meet the needs of the business while still achieving a well-controlled SAP access environment?

Using a time-tested, systematic approach, we work closely with you to understand your business processes, identify relevant access risks, and design controls to manage them. The result is a framework which is effective, practical to operate, and tailored to your organisation.

What we can help you with

  • Leveraging best practice critical access and segregation of duties (SoD) matrix to create an access risk and control framework tailored to your processes and business needs
  • Defining an SAP rulebook which translates the above framework into specific SAP authorisations
  • Further fine-tuning of the rulebook to meet organisational and other requirements (e.g. customer-specific SAP developments and configurations)
  • Developing a risk assessment process to be carried out by your team independently as part of business-as-usual activities
  • Implementing the rulebook in selected software (see our GRC Tool Implementation services here)
  • Training your stakeholders/users

Not sure about what you need?

Take our free quiz here for a quick high-level view of your SAP access environment!

OR, if you are ready for a more thorough assessment:

Get in touch and we’ll walk you through a 30-minute diagnostic about your SAP access environment. We’ll evaluate the various aspects of SAP access management with you and suggest areas where improvements can be achieved.