Customer Reference Cases

SAP GRC Access Control 10.0 Implementation

We helped a major utilities provider overhaul their access management practices and implemented SAP GRC Access Control to help them manage their access risks going forward.

Access Risk Pilot Project

A group of engineering and technology companies were looking to establish a new segregation of duties (SoD) management practice. We performed a pilot project to evaluate their current SoD status, devise follow-up actions and advise on tool selection.

Audit of SAP Access Management

We performed a holistic audit, covering a detailed access rights review and an assessment of the overall SAP access management environment. The results pinpointed to specific issues in the client’s global single instance SAP system. This helped them develop solid plans to strengthen their access management strategies.

Quarterly Access Risk Review

On a quarterly basis, we perform access analytics to identify critical access and segregation of duties violations in our client’s SAP system. The report format was developed in collaboration with the client. This ensured that the findings could be presented effectively, highlighting specific issues in their areas of concern. Using our quarterly reports, the client is able to focus their efforts into managing the most impactful issues.

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