Any business running one or more SAP application systems faces the challenge of managing access rights. This challenge is further complicated by to the high number of employees and external individuals likely to be accessing your system.

XS Control Asia is focused on helping you find and realise solutions to your SAP access management concerns. We provide advisory services tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

Our Services

Access Framework

Through close collaboration with you, we identify access risks in your SAP processes and design the controls for them.

User Access Analytics

We analyse how well your SAP access complies with segregation of duties and critical access requirements, then present you with reporting in a format that works for you

Access Risk Remediation

We help you tackle access-related issues in your SAP system and devise long-term plans to manage your system

Role Design and Review

We follow reliable, effective role design principles to create robust roles which meet the requirements of your business

GRC Tool Implementation

Whether you choose SAP GRC or MARC, we help you identify the most suitable software for your organisation and help you implement it


We run bespoke, hands-on training workshops to equip your stakeholders with essential knowledge tailored to their needs

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