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The essentials in the access management
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This page contains all the basics (or FAQs) that we often get asked about.

It gives you a holistic view of access risk management, in particular in SAP, from a non-technical viewpoint.

It’s particularly useful to someone looking into the area from a business or compliance perspective.

Our blog posts tackle specific questions that you may have, whether you are a newbie with a non-technical background or a seasoned SAP practitioner trying to understand how segregation of duties applies to SAP.

If you want to understand how well your organisation is doing with respect to SAP access management, contact us here.

If you’re not quite ready for that, do our simple quiz which will take you through the areas within access management that you should be paying attention to.

Other useful resources

MARC Find out about the GRC tool and its main features here. We also dive down into why MARC was our chosen tool to support us in providing our services.

Download Centre Links to useful information which you can immediately use to implement some quick fixes and improve access security in your SAP system. Click here to find out more.

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